Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boracay's Best Kept Secret

Forget about White Beach and Stations 1 to 3. This writer even feels that most of the villas at the shoreline of White Beach are way too overrated...not to mention overpriced. This here is Boracay's best kept secret. Three casitas perched on the mountain facing the island of Panay. Sorry folks, no Boracay sunsets here. Only beautiful sunrises.

Does this mean then that we can't enjoy the sunset in this place? The answer is yes and no. No, because you won't be seeing a gold disk sinking into the horizon. Then again, think. When you watch a movie, do you go to the front row and stare at the projector? Of course not! You take the most suitable position in the balcony and watch the images projected on the screen. With that, being in this secret hideaway will allow you a balcony seat to the most exhilarating light projection show put on by no less than nature itself.

Talk about Happy Hour!